Euro Nymphing Leader Formulas

Posting these up as I seem to forget/misplace the recipes and have found these 2 work well for me and the water I fish.

Both recipes end with a tippet ring where I’ll then tie on length of tippet to suit the depth and drift. All sections joined by blood knots. I’ve been specifically using the Hanak bi-colour mono in listed diameters as well as the Sunline fine float in 10lb.

Martin Droz Recipe
4 metres of .25mm bi-colour/hi-viz
.5 metre of .22mm clear mono
.5 metre of .20mm bicolour/hi-viz
tippet ring

Tom Jarman Recipe
10ft of .20mm bi-colour/hi-viz
50cm of .18mm clear mono
40cm of .18mm bi-colour/hi-viz
tippet ring
note – easy way to remember this is rod length/50/40