Trout Opening – October 2019

A few days up the hill with Reid and JQ for NSW trout opening weekend. While few fish were landed it was perfect for a bit of a scouting mission to see the condition of the rivers and to checkout some new access.

Tumut River Brewing Co – give the Full Grunt APA or Tuckerbox Hoppy Lager a go!

Tumut River – May 2019

I enjoy fishing the river at this level and it’s certainly the best fishing water in our region at the moment. Lots of great runs for nymphing. While we didn’t fish it too hard, we got plenty of fish to the net. Evan managed to land a nice rainbow around 50cm on the most ratty looking fly i’ve ever seen which goes to show that trout aren’t that fussy.

Monaro Streams – February 2019

After the recent rain, a last minute decision was made to make the trek up and fish the rivers. While the level and flow was back to usual (it was previously pretty low), the rain had dirtied the water fairly significantly. This and the fact it was blowing an absolute gale, made if a difficult and frustrating day of fishing – it happens though 🙂

Most pools where we had previously fished with confidence didn’t produce any action. An idea was floated where the flooded river produced an abundance of new food which meant the fish were not feeding, it could have been due to the dirty water, no one was to know for sure.

At the end of the day, we picked up some rainbows which lifted our spirits (much needed!). As the storm clouds rolled through, we decided to call it a day and head back home.