Tumut River – May 2018

Written for the Canberra Anglers Association ‘Burley Line’ June 2018 edition.

Cortland Competition Nymphing Rod 3wt 10’6″
Leader (Martin Droz Recipe)
Jig nymphs with 3, 3.5 tungsten beads

After not being able to make the CAA Tumut Outing, it was decided that Nathan, Evan, Mark and myself would take advantage of the ACT long weekend and head down to fish the Tumut river ourselves for the day and try our luck.

After a quick stop for breakfast and coffee, we geared up and hit the water to find the flow running much higher than anticipated. A check found it to be around 1500ML/day, while not un-fishable, it certainly made access and crossing more difficult.

With the 4 of us on the river, it didn’t take long for us to cover a substantial amount of water. I was lucky enough to land 1 small rainbow right where we parked, and another 4 further upstream. While Nathan managed to get 2 fish to the net.

It was decided to move to another stretch of the river, to only find a couple of other anglers on the water, so we had to drive to another area with public access.

Mark managed to pick up a rainbow upstream, while Evan came into his own by landing 2 well conditioned fish on his 12ft Tenkara rod. I was lucky enough to land another rainbow at the car but ended up slipping over and soaking myself head to toe in the process.

After a break for lunch (and time to dry myself off) we headed back to the stretch of river we first fished in the morning.

Splitting off into pairs, Nathan and I headed upstream and managed to find a suitable place to cross the river where we were able to fish some slower flowing water.

We were both rewarded with Nathan landing 2 more fish and dropping a few more. While I was lucky enough to land 3 more fish including my best for the day which measured 43cm.

It wasn’t too long until we were radioed by Mark and  Evan to let us know they had landed a couple of more rainbows and that they were heading back to the car.

Nathan and I decided to call it a day and head back as well. Shortly after this, Nathan took a page out of my book and managed to gracefully take a spill in the river on the way out. Not to miss out on the action, I somehow managed to get my net caught on the electric fence on the walk out and was ‘shocked’ to find it was active.

With over a dozen fish landed between the 4 of us, we decided to end the day with a couple of beers at the Tumut River Brewing Co. A highly recommended stop if you’re in the area.