Eucumbene – September 2020

A quick dash up to the mountains for a fish and to burn some wood. The lake level is coming right up which has changed a lot of the bays which I think I had worked out. The good news there is that there is a lot of grass and weed now in the water which should make for great fishing in the coming warmer months.

Not a lot of action unfortunately but I managed to get 3 rainbows to the net in the afternoon, all blind casting off the points, but then it seemed to have completely shut down in the evening. I had intended to fish most of Sunday but the weather turned and after a couple of hours fishing in the wind and rain, I decided to retreat and head home.

Buckenderra Sunset!

Bikepacking – July 2020

My first solo trip overnight on the bike to Berlang Campground and back. 185kms total, around 5.5hrs riding time each way (little slower on return). Everything went as planned which was great. I have a few ideas on improving my setup and reducing some of the bulk for the next ride, but overall good times.

an old abandoned corrugated hut in the middle of the forrest.
muddy firetrail in Tallaganda State Forrest.
everyone that rides this route seems to take this photo.
Berlang Campground
some idiot that couldn’t take a clear photo to save his life!

Out & About – 2020

What a crazy start to 2020. With everything going on, I managed to get out and battle the smoke, rain and whatever else was thrown at me, and was lucky enough to land a few fish – the highlight being landing a salmon on the 6wt on my birthday!

Here is a small handful of the photos taken over this time. I’m hoping it’s only a matter of time until all this chaos/nonsense/whatever you want to call it is over, and we can get back out and enjoy the outdoors properly. Until then, the vise is getting a good workout, and my fly boxes are slowly getting a much needed top up!

Trout Opening – October 2019

A few days up the hill with Reid and JQ for NSW trout opening weekend. While few fish were landed it was perfect for a bit of a scouting mission to see the condition of the rivers and to checkout some new access.

Tumut River Brewing Co – give the Full Grunt APA or Tuckerbox Hoppy Lager a go!